Secrets of physical and mental health revealed in ‘Swasthyam’

Pune, December 12: How to have a holistic view of life for physical and mental health, the art of being happy in life and how laughter is the best medicine to live a happy life, various aspects of the program ‘Swasthamim’ organized by various ‘Sakal Media Group’ were discussed by national and international renowned people. Explained by experts and lecturers.

Famous yoga guru Dr. Hansaji Yogendra, and the spiritual guru Prabhu Gaurang Das gave guidance to every person useful for daily living. Actor Riteish Deshmukh and actress Genelia D’Souza elaborated on the importance of laughter for a happy life. Director of Sakal Group and Founder of the We Are in This Together (WAITT) campaign Ms. Mrinal Pawar and Chief Editor of Dainik Sakal Sriram Pawar welcomed these dignitaries.

Cultivating a positive attitude through an integrated mind-body and creating a society with such an attitude is the objective of Swasthyam initiative. In such a society, people can live happy life free from suffering and pain. The journey of creating this society begins with self-awareness, curiosity and caring about oneself and others. We want to convey this message through Swasthyam activity, said Mrs. Mrinal Pawar mentioned on this occasion.

Yoga Guru Dr. Hansaji Yogendra explained the concept of body, mind, soul, age and pleasure in human life and demonstrated yoga’s importance in maintaining balance.

Every person’s body is different. The environment in which we grew up from childhood, our way of life, and our experiences from childhood is different in everyone’s case. So something that feels right to someone else can feel wrong to us, and that creates stress and how it affects the health of the body, he said. With knowledge, one can stay away from all problems. With knowledge, one can stay away from all problems. He also said that if everyone thinks about what he can do and what he can avoid, man can be happy.

Saints like Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj and Sant Tukaram Maharaj communicated with God. Every person can communicate like that. He also mentioned that our health could be good if we dedicate ourselves to God. Love yourself, and protect yourself from the world; every person has a different nature. So if you get angry, don’t do any action out of anger. He said to control anger through yoga. He explained the importance of diet and sleep for a happy and healthy life while giving guidance on when and how to eat.

Be prepared to accept adversity even if it happens – Prabhu Gaurang Das

Prabhu Gaurang Das said if one wants to achieve happiness in life, one needs to learn the art of managing the mind, senses, habits and routines. He explained in detail how everyone could live a happy life through the concepts of expectation, success, comparison, self-praise, principle and tolerance.

According to the Bhagavad-gita, stress is defined as when reality does not work out as expected. Therefore if something happens contrary to our expectations, we should be prepared to accept it. He said that our expectations should be flexible; ups and downs are the truth of life.

Do we appreciate the potential we have? He asked this question to the audience. India is on the way to becoming a world guru. He said that the important aspect is the concept of ‘family’.

Laughter relieves stress – Ritesh Deshmukh

Let there be any relationship in human life. Then it will be between lover and lover. Human relationship is an important part of the relationship between two friends, be it between brothers and sisters, be it between mother and children. There are differences in any relationship. However, laughter is important for them to come together, says actor, producer and director Ritesh Deshmukh.

Riteish Deshmukh and actress Genelia D’Souza were interviewed in the program ‘Swasthayam’. Also, the film ‘Wade’ directed by Ritesh Deshmukh, was promoted.

Actor Riteish Deshmukh, who has won the hearts of people for his excellent acting, is very active on social media. He is always sharing pictures and funny videos with his wife, Genelia. Everyone was stressed during the lockdown. He said that the idea for this funny video came from him and got a good response.

Talking about his upcoming film ‘VED’, Ritesh said this film is not a ‘love triangle’ but two ‘love stories. Life is not fun if there is no madness. Love without passion does not love. We are all alive, but madness keeps us alive. In love, when it has to devote itself, it can do so. It does not happen in men. He said that any kind of love could be done by these women. That is the essence of the movie ‘VED’.

Genelia said about her 10-year friendship with Riteish before marriage, “We didn’t decide to get married in a certain year. Ritesh told me that you should focus on your career. We both decided to enjoy life instead of getting married right away.

When asked if she likes Riteish more as a husband, actor, director, producer or father, Genelia replied that Riteish is “all in one”.

Diet expert Nupur Patil said health is in everyone’s hands. Keeping a proper balance of food, sleep, and yoga leads to a happy life. Also, keep the amount of sugar in the daily food low.

A proper diet is necessary to stay fit and active till the end of life. The Indian diet is low in protein. So there should be a proper balance of leafy vegetables, tubers, pulses, bread, vegetables and all pulses. It is called a balanced diet.
He also said that modern food should be completely banned to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Shri M. gave guidance on how to expand the mind. Fixing the mind is yoga. Sadhana transforms the self. Sadhana is different according to the situation of the human being.
 Patanjali has mentioned eight sutras. It includes Yama, Asana, Pranayama. Ahimsa is important in Yama Sutra. Also, Asana Sutra is good for the body and mind.

Continuous holding then transforms into meditation. The work of yoga is to become whole. Samadhi means stillness of mind. In today’s time, it is necessary to give knowledge of the mind to students. A unique ability is hidden in the human mind for which meditation is necessary.

While answering the questions asked by Abhijit Pawar, Shri M said Guru has a unique importance in life. According to our karma, we get the right Guru. Along with respecting the Guru, follow the path shown by him. Sadhana gives one the power to love all without looking at externals. Self-love is the most important thing. In Kaliyuga, churning is going on. Initially, the poison will come out, and then nectar will come out. Sadhana gives one the power to love all without looking at externals. Self-love is the most important thing. She also said. The organized program was moderated by Yogesh Deshpande and Vansundhar.