Dheeraj Sambare of Jijau, on his birthday Inaugurated Free Foundation Classes for Competitive Examinations

L.L.B. Foundation classes with guidance from JEE-I.I.T. Professor, NEET-IIT Professor, and C.A.- Expert Guide

Palghar (Maharashtra) [India], May 1: Jijau Educational and Social Sanstha, Maharashtra, through Bhavna Devi Bhagwan Sambare International School, Zadpoli, started Foundation classes for all types of competitive exams for students selected during interviews with free courses and accommodation. Free Foundation Classes from 9th onwards for L.L.B. Foundation classes with guidance from JEE I.I.T. Professor, NEET-IIT Professor, and C.A. Expert Guide.

Many youths dream of becoming something other than prominent officers but are satisfied with a job of 10-15 thousand only by studying diligently to get a job. To change this mentality somewhere, Nilesh Sambare, the founder of Jijau Sanstha, initiated many social and educational activities free of charge in Thane Palghar and Konkan Division through the organization.

The youth of this area should also get the best education, flourish and join the mainstream of this society. Students in these areas should become engineers, C.A.s, lawyers, judges, and good doctors, and they should progress themselves and contribute socially. To work with a sense of responsibility, they established MPSC/UPSC Academy & Library and Police Academy at various places in the remote regions of Palghar Thane through Jijau Institute.

Today, more than 500 officers and 198 policemen have joined the government service from this academy.

On Dheeraj Sambare’s birthday, Mrs. Bhavna Devi Bhagwan Sambare International School initiated free classes for all competitive examinations for selected students during interviews with free courses and accommodation. Therefore, on behalf of the organization, Nilesh Sambare, the organization’s founder, appealed that every needy person with quality should take advantage of this.

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